Run away with me my dear lady
Let’s go to somewhere nobody knows. 
Just you and me
Yeah, I said just you and me, 
Against the whole world.
Run away with me and you will see
Everything will be easier for you and me
I can’t promise you won’t get hurt
But I will be there to you to trust.
Run away with me 
Ru-ru-runaway, let’s run away,
Let’s show them we don’t need more
Just a guitar, a car, and no destiny
Yeah, I said runaway, let’s be runaways
We can reach the stars and steal the moon,
We will make it in any room.
Let’s run away, run away, from here.
I may not have enough money
Or be the coolest girl on town,
But baby I can make you smile,
You’re the reason why I believe.
Somewhere away from here
Somewhere away from tears
It’s enough for you and me.
So let’s run away, runaway
Let’s ru-ru-ru-runaway. 
Let’s ru-ru-ru-runaway. 
Let’s ru-ru-ru-runaway. 
Away from here. 

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